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One of the best personal trainer I ever work with. He knows very well how to keep you motivated without being stressed. He is following a very interesting program with several ways of work out to ensure that you will never be bored. Also, CK is managing body fatigue very well with his clear program of work out and daily nutrition. Normally I don't post any reviews, but I want to share my good experience with all of you, specially who is struggling with personal trainers only looking for money. And I believe that CK deserves to be recognized for his knowledge and hard work.

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I've been with CK for personal training for few months, I had good results and I loved it! But, due to my time management I started online coaching and I'm very satisfied with it. It's not the same of course, but its working, important is to not give up. Calum is equally dedicated and always available to help. Hopefully soon I will go back to personal training again.



I have worked with Calum both as an online client and training in person.
Each package is tailored to my goals and the support to reach them is fantastic. Calum checks in regularly and is on hand to give advice to help me further. Thank you!



Klaudia is very professional and well motivated person. Since when I was starting my journey with Klaudia, I’ve never been more confident as right now.

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I enjoy working out with coach Calum! I’ve been training with him 3 times a week for 5 weeks now and I’ve seen so much improvement not only in how I look but also in strengthening my muscles and body and easing my back pain!

He’s extremely motivating and great! Loving every minute of my workouts, nutrition, consistency and tracking!

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Hello, my name is Ula. My whole adventure started exactly 3 years ago, when I struggled the most with losing weight and building more self-confidence. That's when I decided to seek advice from my great friend Klaudia, who is currently my personal trainer and also my mentor

I feel just great. Thank you Klaudia, you are the best trainer who motivates you very well and helps you overcome your fears and uncertainty and believe in yourself ❤️



I am training with Calum for the last 6 weeks and I could not recommend him enough. He puts so much work into his clients and really pays attention to individual needs and personalises your programme for ‘you’. Both Calum and Klaudia pour their heart and soul into their work and it shows :) 11/10.

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I chose to train with CK Fitness because when I first saw the team on instagram I decided that I needed to do something about getting back to my healthy self. They are offering one to one training which is really good for me cause I get distracted easily. Also they help me with my nutritional goals by preparing healthy meal plans.

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Very happy client here! Would recommend Calum and Klaudia to anyone needing that bit of motivation to reach their fitness goals. I’ve been working with Calum who goes above and beyond with his support and motivation! Thanks CK team!


I’m with CK Fitness from last 4 months and I couldn’t thank them enough! Almost 10kg down and feeling amazing with myself !
Not o let my body changes but my mental health is improving so much ! Klaudia is checking on me , I know I can message her anytime and she will be there for me !
I’m very anxious person so I’m doing exercises at home , but my plan is just perfect, meal plan is great as well !
I could compare them with another PT and they are the best I’ve ever had! ❤️

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Calum is an exceptional personal trainer who exceeded all my expectations. His vast knowledge and expertise in fitness make every session productive and enjoyable. He tailored each workout to my specific goals and abilities, pushing me to new limits while ensuring proper form and safety. Calum's motivational approach keeps me motivated and accountable throughout my fitness journey. I highly recommend Calum to anyone looking for a top-notch personal trainer who genuinely cares about their success.

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I love working with Calum, he’s such a progressive trainer. His way of training is driven by positive reinforcement and it’s such a refreshing way of looking at fitness. I appreciate the knowledge and insight he brings to our sessions and the focus on progress over perfection.

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